Industrial reflective and crucible furnaces, mixers [ожидает перевода]

Industrial reflective and crucible furnaces, mixers [ожидает перевода]

Highly efficient and economical melting industrial reflective furnaces allow to obtain various non-ferrous metal alloys. They are easily transported and assembled on a turnkey basis in a short time at the customer's site, thanks to the modular design (OSH). The module of cleaning and dispersion of products of combustion allows to get rid of expensive chimneys and filters.


Metal filling machines (conveyors) [ожидает перевода]

Metal filling machines (conveyors) [ожидает перевода]

Designed for casting non-ferrous metals into molds. The basic equipment of the conveyor consists of a filling machine, a percussion mechanism for removing castings from molds, and a control unit. The metal filling machine can be stationary or mobile, including those with a drive for self-movement.


Loading machines [ожидает перевода]

Loading machines [ожидает перевода]

Loading machines for mechanized loading scrap


Methodical furnaces [ожидает перевода]

Methodical furnaces [ожидает перевода]

In rolling production, methodical furnaces of very diverse designs are widely used for metal heating. According to the principle of operation, a methodical furnace is a continuous furnace, although ingots or billets are planted in it at one time or another. One of the main features of the methodical furnaces is the countercurrent movement of gases and metal in them. However, furnaces are possible with direct-flow gas and metal.


Pyrolysis oven UNP200 [ожидает перевода]

Pyrolysis oven UNP200 [ожидает перевода]

The thermal destruction unit is intended for low-temperature processing of crushed secondary raw materials containing metals, plastic and rubber. The processed products are a wet mixture of metals and carbonaceous residue to be separated, as well as pyrolysis gas and a liquid combustible high-calorie fraction. Start is made by a diesel torch. After entering the mode, the unit operates automatically on its own gas with maintaining a constant temperature, in the presence of raw materials in the storage bin.


Other [ожидает перевода]

Other [ожидает перевода]

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